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10 ways to fuel your soul

We tend to focus so much of our "wellness energy" on things like the food we eat, and the exercise we get. GREAT! Yes, really, that's great. But, have you ever felt like you were eating all the right things, and getting a good amount of exercise, but something was still... off?

Maybe you're still having trouble sleeping, skin issues, or general mood issues. I'd have to guess, that there's so much more than what you're eating and how you're working out, that's contributing.


Today I wanted to share with you 10 things that FUEL my SOUL to create more wellness & peace in my life! Enjoy...

  1. Hugs: I am a big hugger! The longer, the better. Sometimes, I don't even notice how chaotic my mind is until I am rested into a hug and it makes me go - Woah! I haven't slowed down at all today. Take a deep breath, reconnect, come back to the present.

  2. Breathwork: Please, do me (and yourself) a favor, and download the app InsightTimer right now. It's free! Plus, you can add me as a friend & we can celebrate our meditation practices together. There's 100s of guided meditations on there - but, I'm not talking just any meditation right now. Something about a breathwork-focused meditation, like the "box breath" or "nadi shodhana", where you are practicing controlled breath cycles, that allows me to really let go of the mind-chatter, and feel sooo good after.

  3. Nature/Animals: Not to sound like a crazy cat lady, but my kitties give me sooo much love. If you're not able to have your own pets, I'm sure you know someone who'd really appreciate it if you took their dog for a walk for them! Getting outside, plus getting that unconditional love from an animal is soo healing for my soul.

  4. Volunteering: Another way you could get in touch with animals, volunteer at an animal shelter! It may sound like the last thing you want to do, give more to others, when you are feeling deflated. But I promise you, the rewarding feeling you get from giving to someone less fortunate than you is a special fuel for the soul. Check out Big Big Table, one of our favorite non-profits bringing healthy food to the community, if you're looking to help out!

  5. Music: I have been having the worst day before, when my favorite playlist comes on and out of NO WHERE it's like... complete mood change. May I suggest keeping a playlist of your favorite sing-a-longs, oldies, whatever it is that reallllyyy sparks you up, keep that ready to go on spotify for when you just need a little boost. (PS: here's mine!)

  6. Bubble bath: Maybe it's for you, maybe not. I know a lot of people don't love taking baths but for me, it's the move. Make sure you have your epsom salts on hand, a bottle of bubble bath, and candles laying around at all times - you never know when the mood will strike! Lights off, candles on, add some bubbles & maybe even turn some music on. So relaxing!

  7. Cook your favorite dish: Whatever it is. Whether it's "healthy" or not. That dish that makes you super proud, looks beautiful, that you just want to brag about. And then do that! Take pictures, post or send to a friend, give yourself a little boost. For me, it's a quinoa salad with LOTS of cilantro and lemon. It just tastes so good to me it makes me smile no matter what!

  8. Podcasts: If you don't have a favorite yet, I'll list a few: Be Well With Steph (obv), Shaman Durek, Sahara Rose, Relationship Advice. Feeding my brain with positive messages, or personal/spiritual growth information, definitely fuels my soul - PS: do you have any favorite podcasts? I would LOVE to know what they are. Leave in the comments!

  9. Travel: Last two are not as easily accessible - even for myself at times. So they go at the end, but worth sharing. I notice whenever I go to a new place, I catch myself observing everything with awe. Oh how CUTE is this coffee shop, or that park, etc. And it always reminds me to come home with the same awe of the life around me.

  10. Going out to eat: I LOOOOVEEEEE going out to eat. Like, it's one of my favorite things to do. My wallet? Not so much. I'm super happy that I've found a handful of local, reasonably priced restaurants that I love, so I don' t always have to break the bank. But, when I can afford it, getting dressed up and going out somewhere nice & fun is my jam!


So, there ya have it, essentially a list of my favorite things in life. Now I just want to go do all of them after writing this!

What are some things that light YOU up, friends? What do you love in life, that totally fuels your soul? I'd love to know some of your favorites. Leave us a comment or send steph an email!

We can't wait to hear from you.


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You are worthy of living and capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you love. 🤍


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