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Get to know my Plant-Based Family from Buffalo, NY!

The past 5 years have been a JOURNEY, and we'd like to give you a peek inside...

From the moment I announced to my family, "So, I watched this documentary, and I think I'm going to try to stop eating animal products," life has not looked the same.

I think it's rare to have a family of four adults "dive in" to a plant-based/vegan diet and lifestyle all together, and I have spent the past month thoroughly enjoying talking with my family members about how their lives have changed since that moment 5 years ago.

We chatted about how we felt starting a plant-based diet, things that have made the journey difficult/easier, favorite foods, the mindset behind changing the way you eat, and tips for other who may be interested in starting the plant-based journey

I've put everything together here in one place, so you can listen to their different perspectives and insights... and then get to know us a little more personally as we all chat together (that episode was super random and super fun!)

Here are the episodes!


Whew! That wraps up the Plant-Based Family Interview Series...

Thanks so much for taking on this journey with me & my family. I hope you enjoyed hearing all these different perspectives, I hope you learned something new, & I hope this inspired you to think about TRYING something new!

Interested in plant-based eating? Here's a free 3-day meal plan, complete with recipes & shopping list!


Before you go, help us support a community that's making healthy food more accessible to everyone!

Big Big Table, A community cafe in Buffalo, NY who's mission is "providing Buffalo and Western New York with accessible, affordable, nutritious and delicious lunch. With pay-as-you-can pricing and a significant volunteer component in day-to-day operations, everyone is given a chance to earn what they need by giving what they can."

You can donate right to Big Big Table at the link above & help them continue their mission.

Looking for your own community? Join my Facebook Group where we share inspiration, questions, tips, and all the good stuff related to living a wellness lifestyle.

Maybe some 1:1 support or guidance is what you're looking for?

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You are worthy of living and capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you love. 🤍

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