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Create One Tiny Habit at a Time: How to Begin Habit Stacking to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Life is made up of our own simple daily routines, rituals, and habits. By changing the little things, we slowly change everything.

You don't need to overhaul your life or do a complete 180 to start being healthier. It's actually quite the opposite - you are much more likely to create lasting change in your life when you use thoughtful strategies and really intentional moves to develop your daily habits. It is okay to go slowly, and it is okay to take one step at a time!

I first learned about "tiny habits" by listening to BJ Foggs interviewed on a podcast about his book, Tiny Habits: Small Changes That Change Everything. (You can learn more about this book and method here.) The idea of tiny habits has 100% impacted the way I help clients adapt their lives and add new healthy habits.

In the episode of Be Well with Steph, The Podcast below, I explore the idea of "tiny habits," also known as "habit stacking." I share plenty of examples of how you can start making small changes today that add up to that healthier lifestyle you are looking for. This is the same methodology I use with my nutrition coaching clients, so I know how powerful it can be! I am hoping it will empower you to know that you can make habit changes, too.

I hope this inspires you to stop just hoping, stop finding roadblocks, and start DOING one thing that moves you toward a healthier version of you.

I'd love to connect! Head over to Instagram and find me at @bewellwithsteph_. Comment on my most recent post and let me know:

What tiny habit are you going to add into your life, starting TODAY?


Featured song: "Be Well" by Sara Elizabeth feat. Ethos Logos Pathos Music - find Sara Elizabeth on social @saraemusic

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