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Combating Cravings Challenge! instagram graphic.png

Do you ever hit Netflix O'Clock & suddenly you're overwhelmed by the desire to eat the contents of your refrigerator and pantry? Then this is for you! I've curated a 5-day challenge to get you thinking & bring awareness around your snacking habits. Once you understand more about them, they become much easier to manage. 


Over the course of the challenge week, you'll get one email to your inbox each day.

That email will include:

  • a video message from me, sharing an important tip & reflection questions for the day

  • written points to reflect on to help you prevent cravings AND manage them when they come

  • a "homework" prompt to help you begin making simple, sustainable progress at combating your cravings!

Enter your info below and you will be registered for the challenge!


I'll also send you other occasional updates & resources.


Don't worry, I'll NEVER share your info, and you can opt out at any time!

Thanks for joining us for the Combat Your Cravings Challenge!

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