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Success Stories


Jen R. - 48

I have been working with Stephanie for almost 2 months as part of her monthly membership program.  (Prior to that I have followed her for over a year on social media and was always interested in the topics she covered.)  I very much enjoy this program!   As a busy parent working 2 jobs, it is difficult for me to commit to a particular day/time for a meeting.  The monthly membership fits perfectly!  It allows me to have a “safe space” to ask questions and interact with Stephanie in a smaller group, enjoy a weekly live Q&A session as well as 2 monthly emails that include recipes, tips, and a video to watch.  My favorite part of the membership is that it fits whenever it’s best for me!  I can watch the videos, review the emails, and ask questions on my own schedule.

Since working with Stephanie, I have an entirely new mindset when it comes to food (purchase, prep, and eating!).  I have considered myself a fairly healthy person up until now, but I have learned so much! I understand the benefits of a plant-based diet and have incorporated more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans into my daily eating.  What I’m learning makes sense and doesn’t add stress or worry when it comes to preparing a meal.   Also, Stephanie’s positivity and encouragement are wonderful – it’s not just nutrition, it’s the whole person!

My journey with Stephanie is far from over – I realize that I have so much to learn (and I look forward to it).  I have a better relationship with food and the choices I make are not only good for me but come naturally.   I’m feeling better every day, and my overall health has improved.  I highly recommend the monthly membership program!


Sam H. - 21

I just wanted to say that working with Steph was so much fun and so beneficial. I decided to take this class because I was in a covid funk and needed a “pick me up”. I joined the group coaching to learn more about nutrition and how I can better myself by the way I eat.


Anyways, by the end of the 8 weeks, I made new friends, learned so much about nutrition, I tried new healthy foods I didn’t know existed, I’ve learned how to incorporate foods into my diet that I didn’t know I needed, I set new goals, and this group gave me the motivation to do it! Steph is a great coach and has taught me so much! (Here’s a pic of me 6 weeks in feelin' hella good, I was also in Florida so I am looking hella happy as well)


Samantha W. - 21

I began working with Stephanie in January when I joined her group coaching. To say that Stephanie is a genuine, caring, and welcoming individual is an understatement. I was fearful that there would be a lot of judgment or shaming,  but that could not be farther from the truth. She is a great listener, fantastic teacher, and wonderful human being. She taught me how to slowly integrate tiny habits into my life, assisted me with obstacles in my new plant-based lifestyle, and has been supportive of all of my goals and wins. Stephanie takes the time to get to know you and what your goals are. We morphed some of my favorite meals into healthier alternatives that even my kids and husband enjoy. 

The support from the in-person group was fantastic. Everyone embraced the journey as we shared recipes, ideas, struggles, and wins. Plant-based is not about eating ‘salads’ all day long, it is about a healthy, balanced diet that provides your body with the nutrition it needs, and allowed for some fun foods, too! My chocolate-aholic, sweets-eating self has been amazed that I feel replenished and my mindset has shifted towards a healthier me for myself and my family. Not only has this helped with my nutrition, but it has positive effects on my mental wellbeing. My kids have even started picking up healthier habits.

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