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10 Strategies for Increasing Your Energy as the Seasons Change

Consider printing this list and putting it somewhere you can reference it when you're in a slump!

1. Drink water. Yes, I know you already know this, but I want to make sure you're DOING it. "Aim for 80!" is what I always say! 80oz, that is. I think that "half your body weight in ounces" leaves way too much wiggle room - for some people, that will feel impossible, and for others, it's not enough. And remember, the more you sweat, the more you need to hydrate.

2. Eat hydrating foods. Eating your water can be delicious, tasty, and convenient! Visualize making half of what you eat from water-rich sources (aka, non-starchy fruits & veg). There's no reason to steer away from fruit, no matter what people try to tell you about its sugar.

3. Include complex carbs, healthy fats, and protein in your meals and snacks throughout the day. Refer to this "Eating in Balance" info!


4. Eat regular meals. There are no magical times of days you should be eating, but listen to your body and work to stay as consistent as possible. I tend to lean toward a more traditional breakfast/lunch/dinner schedule for a few reasons. One, it helps keep your blood sugar levels stable, which keeps your energy levels more stable. Two, eating 6 small meals or grazing throughout the day makes it very easy to under or over eat.


5. "Front load" your day. So often I see people who are working on eating healthier eat super "clean" or restricted for the first two-thirds of the day, feeling really proud of their choices, only to hit the afternoon/evening and be STARVING. We don't make our best choices when we are starving... or exhausted... By eating more energy-dense foods and larger meals (of nutritious foods) in the first half of the day, you can keep your cravings down and your energy up!


6. Keep a consistent sleep schedule. I know you might feel this is easier said than done. Work on it anyway. You know how when someone flies a long distance, they're jet-lagged and need time to recover/reset their sleep schedule? WELL, when you stay up/sleep in 3 hours later on the weekends, you essentially jet-lag yourself! It can be really hard with all the summer fun, but your body and energy level for the week will thank you if you try to maintain a regular sleep schedule whenever possible (and you should really be aiming for 7 hours).

7. Get regular, intentional movement. You don't need a gym or a program, but you do need to move. It can seem counterproductive to exercise when you're tired, but it could be just the adrenaline and endorphin boost you need! Over time, regular movement will increase your overall energy level, too. Try going for a walk, adding in some stretching, riding your bike, swimming - whatever is fun and maintainable to you!

8. Reduce your screen time. Did you know your phone comes with "well-being" settings? You can set timers for your apps to keep you aware of your screen time, set a bedtime that starts to dim your screen or remove color, disable certain apps when you're working or spending quality time with others, etc. HIGHLY recommend this. Limiting our screen exposure is a simple way to improve energy, improve sleep, and give us time for other energy-giving activities.

9. Stress management is a powerful thing. Check Be Well with Steph, The Podcast, Episode 9 for a Guided Meditation for Mornings. If that's not your style, maybe try journaling, going for a quiet walk, talking with a friend, listening to music you like, reading a book for fun... Learning how you are able to let go of the things that are heavy will open you up to...

10. Do what sparks joy! Fill up on the fun this summer. Make room for your family or friends. Carve out the time for the hobby you've been neglecting. What are you going to do this summer that brings you some joy?? Head over to the Member Hangout & share with us!

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