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You hear it all the time: Cultivate a gratitude practice! It will be good for you. It will boost your “mental health” - well, that doesn’t necessarily explain much does it? I created this 5 day FREE challenge for YOU to understand:


  • What is gratitude & why it’s important

  • What are some things you can be grateful for?

  • What is a “gratitude practice” & how can you incorporate it into your own life? 


There are already so many studies out there showing that a regular gratitude practice can literally change the structure of your brain, & therefore the course of your LIFE! Not to mention, it just feels good to count our blessings. 


So, let’s do this together!


All you have to do is sign up below to start the challenge! You’ll receive an email a day, for the 5 days. In each email you’ll get a bit of daily inspiration from me, plus journal prompts & a free daily gratitude meditation from Alisa!

Sign me up!
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