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Eat Well with Steph!

self-paced online course + exclusive community


90 Days to Nourishment
& CONTROL of Your Nutrition


Not sure where you've landed/which option is right for you? Read on!

Program Goals:


Shift your mindset from one of restriction to one of abundance when it comes to food. Diet culture has us thinking we need to count, measure, portion, cut, etc., but then we’re often missing out on all the nutrients that healthy foods have to offer us!​

Eat in a way that nourishes your body so your health & energy thrive - it’s not just about “getting through the week” and checking off boxes, but about noticing and enjoying all the little moments in between! When you’re thriving instead of surviving, you have more energy to create the life you really want, not just try to handle the one you currently have… and it is MUCH easier to set yourself up for success now, instead of trying to go back and reverse things once you’re older or your health is failing.


Gain control of your cravings, your choices, and the way you feel. (And yes, it is possible to do this without completely eliminating the foods you love.)


Set health goals, with individualized support, that are realistic and achievable for you. Instead of feeling defeated, you continually celebrate your own progress. The small steps you make matter, and you’ll begin to notice changes to the way you feel that keep you moving forward.


Create simple systems and routines that make healthy eating easier to stick with. No more life overhauls. No more roller coasters of programs or yo-yo feelings. It’s time to create a healthy lifestyle you’ll love, once and for all.

What's the "Eat Well" approach to nutrition?

First, we will tackle that old “diet culture” mindset! You’ll shift your thinking from one of restriction to one of abundance. There is no calorie counting, macro tracking, or measured containers dictating your food choices here, because we know that good nutrition isn’t about eating less; it’s about consuming MORE of what nourishes you. Taking care of your health shouldn’t bring you more stress or more to-do list items. Instead, you’ll learn to care for yourself from a place of self-love - you’ll understand your own preferences and patterns, support your own energy level, listen to your own hunger/fullness cues, and build your confidence around food.


Then, we will learn ways to build balanced, whole food meals that are both simple and satisfying. You won’t need to follow a complicated meal plan - you may not even have to follow any recipes! Instead, by learning about the different nutrients in foods and how they work together, putting together meals can become FAST! You’re not taking on another part-time job here, but actually freeing up a lot of time and thought around food that you can put toward the things that really light you up - your career, your family, and the hobbies that bring you joy. And yes… it’ll still taste good, too, with plenty of room for your favorite foods. With our abundance mindset & balanced meal building, you’ll be able to both honor your cravings AND be in control of your food choices, while taking all the stress out of meal planning and food prep.


Lastly, we will look at how to set goals that are realistic and attainable for YOU and your lifestyle. You know those lofty goals you’ve set and elaborate plans you’ve made in the past, that felt so big they either took over your life or you had to give them up part way through? That’s not going to happen anymore. The goals you’ll set now will be aligned with your new understanding of healthy eating, aka: eating for nourishment, balancing whole foods, and self-love. You can still want big things; you will just work on them in manageable pieces that don’t stress you out and can be accomplished step-by-step. You’ll walk away empowered to both set goals you can achieve and create systems/routines that make healthy eating second-nature in your life. You’ll be celebrating your success with your new energy & confidence before you know it!

What's included?

  • a self-paced online course of five modules, including video content & worksheets, that guide you through the Eat Well system (& you can keep this content forever)

  • 90 days of access to an exclusive online community where you can ask questions, share resources, work through struggles, & celebrate wins (with bonus videos from me, checking in and answering your questions)

  • the opportunity to become a VIP and up-level your program to include 30 days of 1:1 support via voxer, an app for text, voice note, and photo chatting!

online course: $250 value

exclusive community: $30/month 

total value for 90 days: $340

...but the total cost of Eat Well with Steph??  - $100!

(or become a 1:1 VIP for just $75 more!)

*OR for a limited time, you can Join Eat Well with Steph LIVE Group Coaching

for $175, beginning 5/7! This includes all of the above, plus 5 group Zoom calls.*

That means, my friends, that for less than the cost of a coffee a day,

we can transform your relationship with food, teach you to nourish well,

and make healthy eating a part of your everyday life - once & for all!



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