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Wellness & Nutrition Coach

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Meet Steph

I love really long walks in the sunshine.

avocado toast so loaded you can't pick it up,

a great cup of coffee, & a nice glass of wine.

I love adventures both "out on the town" & out in the woods. I love learning new things, trying new things, meeting new people, AND snuggling the dog under a big pile of blankets & watching Netflix.

I love my routines: the way I wash my face,

the way I practice gratitude, the way I fuel my body,

& the way I move it in a celebration of strength.

And you know what I really love?

I love helping women like YOU build healthy habits

& create lifestyles they love, too.


My Mission

I help women tackle their 20s & 30s (and sometimes beyond) with grace, humor, healthy habits, and an attitude of self-love. Together, we learn to look at personal wellness as a series of actively pursued goals that are within our control. Through coaching experiences, we learn how to nourish our bodies with whole-plant foods while maintaining a positive relationship with "fun" or convenience foods. We incorporate enjoyable movement, self-care, and mental health support into our daily routines in ways that spark joy.


Whether working individually, together with a group, or independently (with support) through a membership program, I want you to feel empowered to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle that gives you the strength, energy, & confidence to go after your wildest dreams.


You are worthy & capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you love.


Sam, 21

I tried new healthy foods I didn’t know existed, I’ve learned how to incorporate foods into my diet that I didn’t know I needed, I set new goals, and this group gave me the motivation to do it!


Jen, 48

Since working with Stephanie, I have an entirely new mindset when it comes to food. What I’m learning makes sense and doesn’t add stress or worry when it comes to preparing a meal. Stephanie’s positivity and encouragement is wonderful – it’s not just nutrition,

it’s the whole person!


Samantha, 30

She taught me how to slowly integrate tiny habits into my life, assisted me with obstacles in my new plant-based lifestyle, and has been supportive of all of my goals and wins.

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