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You don't know what is out there until you decide to look

A few weeks ago I was in the middle of my weekly Coffee Chat (I go live every Friday at 8am on Instagram, if you didn't know!) talking about foods that are recently new to me and how weird it is that I never knew they existed, and I said something that stopped me in my own tracks -

I didn't know what was out there until I decided to look.

Um, WHOA. When I said it, I was talking about foods - like, I didn't know tempeh was a food until I started looking for other great protein sources. Once it came out of my mouth, though, it suddenly applied to EVERYTHING.

You don't know what opportunities will be available until you seek them out. You don't know what kind of help you can get until you ask for it. You don't know what your body will be capable of doing until you challenge it. You don't know what foods you'll like until you taste them. You don't know what you'll be good at until you try.

You don't know what is out there until you decide to look.

Why am I sharing this with you right now?? Because as we wrap up a week, head into a weekend, get ready for the next week, and start a NEW MONTH (I haven't processed how it's October yet so I'll have to write about that another time)... I don't want you to be caught in a cycle of accepting "the same." I guess I'm hoping that this inspires you a little to look around and see what new things you find! Be open to looking. Be open to learning. Be open to finding. Be open to growing. If you want to listen to that Coffee Chat where I had that "ah ha!" moment, you can find it here. Have you been discovering anything new or growing in any new ways lately? You can always comment on these posts and share your thoughts with me, or send me an email at It's really just me sitting on the other end of the phone/computer!! I always love to hear from you. Enjoy your weekend - and don't forget to slow down & LOOK! Be well, Steph

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