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10 Ways to Start Journaling When You Feel Like You Have Nothing to Say

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Journaling can be an incredible way to outline your goals, create positive mindset in yourself, handle emotions as they arise, sort out your thoughts, process events, record memories...

But when you are sitting there, staring at the blank page...

It can sometimes feel overwhelming thinking about how to begin writing!

I've put together some ideas to begin journaling that I hope will help remove any mental blocks you have around the idea, show you the value in keeping a journal, and help you put pen to paper in a variety of meaningful ways.


From the time I was a little kid, I always kept a journal. I would write down step-by-step what had happened during the day and how I felt about it. This continued throughout my teenage years, expanding into handling new experiences new emotions. (Thankfully, I think most of those pages have been torn out and recycled or burned since then!)

I definitely got away from journaling in college, probably because I was already writing so much at that point, but I have always loved a fresh notebook. I love the crisp pages, pretty covers, and inspiring quotes. The pile of pretty blank notebooks stacked up over the years, though, and I suddenly found myself unable to start writing again.

I tried a LOT of things. Some of them worked for me, some of them didn't. Some worked in different seasons of life, or even on different days of the week. What happened, though, is that I developed a list of journaling styles that have helps me carry on, even when I feel like I have nothing to say.

You can listen to me describe the ideas here, or check out the list below!

Journaling Ideas!

  1. Begin a gratitude practice, writing down a short list of things you're specifically grateful for in that moment.

  2. Reflect on a day/experience/goal (I call these "glows & grows" and you can read more about them here).

  3. Write out your dreams. Look 5-10 years down the road and think, "How do I picture my life then?" Make a list. Even if it's the same list, over and over.

  4. Copy down a quote (Bible verse, manta, saying from the internet) and add a few of your own thoughts about it.

  5. Record a story/memory/moment from the day.

  6. Set a focus/goal/priority of the week, then take time to reflect on your progress each day.

  7. Do some mindfulness journaling. Sit quietly for a few moments and think about what you see, hear, taste, feel, and smell.

  8. Daydream! Imagine a favorite spot in your head, a favourite Moment In Time, a favorite vacation spot, a crazy idea, and then let yourself run with it.

  9. Write about someone else. maybe to someone in your life that you admire and write about what your relationship is like, why you value it, or what that person's strengths are.

  10. Do a brain dump! This can be a list or a stream of consciousness, but sometimes just getting everything out of your head and onto the paper is a great place to start.


Do any of these ideas speak to you?! Think you might give journaling a try? I'd love for you to leave a comment here or head over to Instagram & send me a message there!

A guided journal page might be a good place to start, too! You can download mine version for free here:

Don't forget to subscribe to Be Well with Steph, The Podcast, wherever you like to listen. :) Til next time - be well & happy journaling!

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