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5 Morning Habits to Give You Control In Your Day

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Do you have a hard time getting yourself going in the morning? Feel like you are lacking in energy or motivation to get the day rolling?

Are you setting your alarm for the last possible second and then running out the door in a hurry, wondering what you're forgetting or lacking any mental clarity?

You may want to keep reading!

I'm sharing with you my five favorite habits that give me a handle on the morning and propel me into the day feeling a little fresher and in a little more control!


1. Begin hydrating.

Even a 1 to 2% drop in your hydration can begin to affect your mood and your cognition. So begin as soon as you get going in the morning! You can add flavorings like essential oils or something like this aloe that I love. You can use a water bottle that feels fun, use a mason jar, or add a straw. You can have a target amount to consume, or regular times of the day to check in. It doesn't matter what your water drinking strategy is, but consider beginning to sip some as you wake up.


2. Consider adding a journaling practice.

Consider taking a few moments in the morning to jot down what you are grateful for, how you are feeling, what you are looking forward to... I like to do this myself with some quiet music playing and a good cup of French press coffee, but maybe your ritual would be different. The point is to have a ritual!

Not sure how you'd begin putting pen to paper? I have 10 ideas for you here.


3. Set your priorities for the day.

My planner is personally my life line and without it I would be extremely forgetful! I like to take a minute in the morning did not just go over the to do list, but you really clearly identify a couple of non-negotiable priorities for that day, or even for that half of the week. This helps me move forward in my day with intention.


4. Tidy something!

Making my bed and putting away the dishes from the night before are usually the first things on my list. And then, poof! I've already accomplished something for the day! This also helps me immediately moved my body a little, and create a more organized physical space that makes me just feel better about getting other things done.


5. Wash your face.

If you are a morning shower, then great. But if you are not, a fresh face in the morning can wake you up and make you feel a little more ready. Since I started adding a skincare routine into my mornings and night times, those rituals have become more relaxed, I feel more confident, and my skin just feels more, I guess the word is, vibrant?? I've been enjoying products from Buffalo Gal Organic Skincare so much that I snagged a discount code for you guys. Visit the website here and use the code BEWELLWITHSTEPH at checkout for 15% off your order!


Want to hear me chat more about this? Give the podcast episode below a listen!

Every Thursday at 8 a.m. I also do a follow-up coffee chat on Instagram live. I had a lot of fun with this one, talking about planning your mornings like you plan a party. You can listen to that here, too! What is something you love to do every morning when you start your day? I would love to hear!


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