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Mindset Moment: Lessons From A Tree

Alisa here, everyone.. I have some fall wisdom for you today. As the seasons change, watching the trees & the leaves change is one of my favorite things to do. I got to thinking about the many life lessons we could take away from being more like the trees :)

Here is a post originally from my personal blog, but I thought it fit perfectly here, too!


This time of year I take a closer look at nature and see what I can learn, how I can move and be more in sync with the world around me. Things like, choosing locally grown foods that are plentiful at this time of year. Going to bed earlier. Slowing down. But there is so much to learn from nature always, and here are a few things I’ve observed & love to honor in my own life:

Let go of that which no longer serves you;

no matter how big or small. it may be just a thought. or it may be greater, like a career, or a relationship. these things, people, experiences, come into our lives for a reason and if / when its’ purpose is complete, it’s time to let it go to make room for new.

Be grounded, no matter the weather / circumstances;

think of yourself as a big, old, deeply rooted tree. things happening around you, are just like the weather. sometimes it’s calm, and sunny, sometimes grey, sometimes it’s raining cats and dogs, other times it’s a straight up hurricane. but that tree remains rooted and still, centered, and unbothered (okay maybe except during a hurricane but you get the point!). They allow the wind to pass through their branches, and rain to fall on their leaves with grace, knowing that the moment will always pass.

Stop judging;

You wouldn’t walk through a forest and judge a tree for being too tall, short, wide, or thin. Yet we do this to ourselves and to others. We find awe in nature, unable to believe something so beautiful can exist. We must find awe in one another the same way!

Take care of your community;

Trees don’t care what each other look like, or where they came from. When there’s other trees nearby, they protect each other. When one tree is sick, the others care for it by sending nutrients through their ROOTS!

Be you and be bold about it;

Trees are not afraid to show their leaves. they stand tall and express themselves exactly as they are. they’re open, honest, vulnerable, and strong.

And that's about it, for now! I hope you'll take something out of this and start paying more attention to our beautiful tree friends <3



Did you enjoy this mindful moment? Do you have any other lessons you've learned from nature & tuning into your environment? I'd love to know <3

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