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A Sample REALISTIC Plant-Based Meal Plan

Working on my quick meal plan for the week & wanted to share!

I write it out all different ways - in my planner, on the kitchen white board, in phone notes... and sometimes some of it is just in my head. This table below is just for you guys, but I kind of like it, so maybe it'll become part of my routine.

I could look at pictures of fresh foods all day. Is that weird?

When in comes to meal planning, you DO NOT need to have every detail figured out. You also aren't married to it and don't need to commit to "this is all I can eat Tuesday now." It can be flexible and adjusted based on hunger fluctuations, preferences as the days go on, changes in schedule, etc.

What IS super helpful is having a framework and removing the guessing & stressing. It feels good to know what your options are, have a few things prepped in a week, and be confident that over the course of the week you're eating a variety of nutrients.

A goal without a plan is just a dream, ya know? I prefer to put my dreams into action with just a little bit of effort & forethought.

Here's what I'll be eating this week:


  • oatmeal w/ PB & seeds + fruit

  • tofu scramble w/ collard greens, tomato

  • sprouted grain toast w/ avocado, tomato, seeds


  • ​mixed green salad w/ roasted veg, hummus, sunflower seeds

  • leftover Cabbage & Lentil Crockpot Soup (recipe below)

  • other leftovers?


M: whatever Paul makes for the game! (something with squash?)

T: tacos! black beans, cabbage, avocado, corn tortillas

W: brown rice, steamed veg, & tofu in peanut sauce

Th: eggplant parm w/ whole wheat spaghetti + spaghetti squash (recipe below)

F: leftovers, reinvented somehow...?


​hummus & veg


bananas & apples

protein shakes

Here's the recipe for the Cabbage & Lentil Crockpot Soup!

Here's the recipe (with my alterations) for the Eggplant Parm


Any questions I can answer for you??

What do you think of a plan like this?

I'd be glad to answer questions or comments - leave them below!


I can help YOU create plans for healthy eating and put your health goals into action to! Learn how by chatting with me on a free discovery call.

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