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Q & A Grab-Bag - low calorie drinks, easy lunch ideas, and diet culture beliefs

Trying something new on Be Well With Steph, The Podcast! Do you ever have that random health or nutrition question pop into your head, but know you'll send yourself down a rabbit hole if you try to google it? I'll be your new google! ;) haha. I'll be hosting "Q & A Grab-Bag" episodes, where I answer questions that come from YOU.

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1. Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks: It's not about counting calories but if you want to enjoy some adult beverages, and want to make them as nourishing as possible, here's some tips:

  • Generally, wine about 130 calories per 5 oz glass

  • Craft beer can be about 150-350 calories per 12 oz

  • Light beer & hard seltzer also about 100 cal per 12oz

  • Liquor (vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whiskey...) is about 100 cal per shot

As far as calories go, it's more about what you mix with them. Non-diet soda/pop, tonic, juice, syrups, drink mixes all contain sugar... Consider seltzer/soda water, fresh muddled fruit, herbs, (cucumber, basil, etc.)!

2. My fave easy lunch ideas: My Go-To's are usually things like grain-bowls or green-bowls (core-life eatery style). Pick your base (grains, greens, or both!), proteins, toppings and your favorite dressing. It's about making it delicious, has some of your favorite toppings & flavors, and make it fun!

A few others I make regularly:

  • tofu/tempeh wraps or sandwiches - Basically anything I would put in a grain bowl, just in a wrap!

  • snack boxes/plates - hummus or dip, peppers/celery/cucumber, crackers, apple slices w/ peanut butter. Just make it your own based off what you have in the fridge!

3. Nutrition beliefs that come from diet culture: We talk a lot about freeing ourselves from "diet culture" here in Be Well With Steph; What exactly does this mean? The short answer I have for you is this:

"Diet culture" is a set of ideas/norms that were developed for WEIGHT LOSS, rather than for improving our health and wellness.

So, this could be its own episode, and it actually is (link below!) but here are a few myths I'd like to share with you that were born in diet culture.

  • Don't eat after 7 pm / wait to eat in the morning

  • Several small meals are better

  • It's always best to choose the low-calorie alternative

  • Prioritizing particular macros


Listen to way more about how diet culture influences our relationship with food, and how we can find the freedom to listen to our own body's needs on a recent podcast episode I recorded with Kiana Williams on "Grow to be Free," a lifestyle brand and online community that promotes and supports personal growth + development in the lives of young women around the world: Grow to be Free - Finding Freedom From Diet Culture.

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