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How to improve your sleep and wake up a better YOU!

We've got a super special guest blogger today - Jennifer Hamlin! Thanks, Jennifer, for creating these great tips. :) ENJOY!

A good night’s rest is supposed to be a regular activity for everyone. But for many people, getting a sufficient amount of sleep is a luxury. The World Sleep Day statistics reveal that 45% of the world’s population is suffering from sleep problems. This global epidemic of lack of sleep is threatening public health and quality of life because inadequate sleep affects one’s memory, mental processing, and body repair process. Even just one night of poor sleep can already lead to disrupted functioning! Yes, getting adequate sleep can definitely lead to improvements in your daily life. So if you want to wake up to a better you, here’s how you can increase your sleep quality..



1. Practice mindfulness daily

Are your worries and concerns keeping you awake? You can find a bit of peace and relaxation at nighttime by practicing mindfulness regularly. Our article on Super Simple Habits states that mindfulness reminder check-ins invite you to pause and become more aware of your mind and body. You can simply set daily timers that will remind you to assess any tension in your body or observe any thoughts in your mind. Over time, you can practice longer meditation sessions to clear your mind of worries before bedtime.

2. Limit your screen time

It’s tempting to scroll through your phone during bedtime. However, you’ll have to be mindful, or else you’ll end up scrolling for hours. Danielle Pacheco and Stanford-trained sleep physician Kimberly Truong pointed out that blue light from devices can delay the production of melatonin in the evening and decrease your feelings of sleepiness. So instead of scrolling through your phone, they recommend doing relaxing bedtime activities, like sipping chamomile tea or listening to soft music. You also have to make sure that your bedroom is a screen-free zone to stop yourself from watching the TV or opening your phone at night.

3. Do resistance exercises

You can increase your sleep quality and boost your physical health by incorporating resistance training into your daily routine. Assistant professor Angelique Brellenthin of Iowa State University explains that aerobic exercise is usually recommended for sleep, but their study revealed that resistance training can actually increase your sleep duration by an average of 40 minutes. Your sleep latency and sleep efficiency are also more likely to improve with regular resistance training. By increasing your resistance training, you’ll fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed.

4. Seek professional help

If these strategies aren’t cutting it, you’ll need to seek professional help. Fortunately, you don’t need to leave your home to get help for your sleep problems. Telehealth improved the accessibility of healthcare services, and Maryville University states that these telehealth services are particularly in demand for behavioral health, psychiatry, neurology, and other sleep-related specialities. Telehealth services are also effective in improving one’s emotional well-being and health symptoms, which can increase your sleep quality over time. You can also try out our online Health and Nutrition Coaching Sessions for personalized support for your health goals. These sessions will identify the lifestyle and nutritional changes you need to make so you can finally get quality sleep every night. Your sleep quality can affect your daily functioning, which is why it must never be compromised. By making the necessary changes, you'll wake up feeling better each day.

Content for by J Hamlin


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