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Super simple daily habits to start feeling more WELL

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

If you've been wanting to make some healthy changes but aren't sure where to start, maybe one of these ideas is for you! (And it might surprise you - none of them are diet or exercise!) So much goes into caring for our health and feeling well. I'm really hoping these ideas help you on your journey.

These are 5 steps you can take to bring a little more centering, mental clarity, calmness of your systems, and focus into your life- and when those things are in line, then you can tackle the nutrition / sleep / exercise and all the things that feel harder.

Read on for 5 super simple daily habits that you CAN start implementing, today.



1. 15 minute mornings

Embracing the idea of a 15 minute morning ritual will change your life. You don't need an hour of your day, it doesn't need to be a million steps, you don't need to get up at 5 am - just a few minutes (can be less than 15 minutes) in the morning to do a few things that genuinely bring you joy.

The mission here is to dedicate a few minutes of your day just for YOU - creating clarity, focus, and calm to move into the rest of your day.

Some of my favorite things to include:

  1. Gratitude journaling

  2. Reading a few pages of a book

  3. Sitting in your backyard with a cup of coffee or tea

  4. Taking a walk

  5. Slow stretching

Something I love to encourage my clients to do, is create a bank of index cards with a few options called the "morning card deck" that you can choose from each morning! Have fun with it.

2. Gratitude practice

This can be a part of your morning ritual, but this can also be any other time during your day! During your lunch break, during your drive home in the afternoon, or before you go to bed. Bonus points if you write them down or speak them out loud.

You're drawing attention to the things that are good - be specific! It could be a nice conversation with a stranger, a particularly delicious lunch, a chance to walk the dog in the evening.

The more you focus on gratitude, the more you're going to find it!

3. Mindfulness reminder check-ins

Moments throughout the day where you pause, and check-in with yourself. Ask yourself, "how am I feeling right now?" and this could be emotional, or physical.

Maybe you're checking-in with how your thoughts are doing. Are they serving you? Do you need to change them & maybe add in your favorite mantra in that moment?

Or, maybe you're checking-in with the tension in your body.. Do you need to relax your shoulders, or go for a walk? Listen to your body! You could also relate this to meals - do you feel full / satisfied / craving / uncomfortable?

You could set a timer, like many of my clients, or you could add this in to daily habits that you already have - like, after a meal, or when you're brushing your teeth!

4. Focus mode / Timer apps

We love using timers! This can be so helpful in many ways. First of all, I love using focus mode. I use focus mode on my phone whenever I really need to give my time & attention to something else (like my morning ritual or dinner with family!)

Using a timer during my reading time, or stretching breaks, especially in combination with using your phone's focus mode, can help you stay really present and make sure that you're doing that task for the amount of time you wanted to.

5. Stretch breaks

Or, any kind of breaks really. If you are one of those people that find it difficult to take a break, I have a message for you:

You have permission to take a break, when you need a break, to reset your mind, and body, so you can be fresh when you come back to whatever it is you're working on!

Double bonus points if you combine using a timer with taking a break! Maybe you set a timer to work for an hour, and then use another timer to take a 10 minute stretch break.


Don't forget to download the free Morning Ritual guide!

You are worthy & capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you love. Let's do it together!


Do you have any other super simple daily habits that help you feel more well? Well, me and my listeners would love to know! Leave a comment, or head over to instagram & share on this podcast post!

instagram: @bewellwithsteph_


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(I elaborate a lot more on some of these important, ideas, too.)

Would love to hear what else you want on the podcast :) Let me know in the comments! ♡


You are worthy of living and capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you love. 🤍


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