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3 easy plant based dinners to get your family started

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Want to try eating more plant-based meals, but feel resistance coming from your partner or family? I have three dinner ideas for getting started that will be a great starting point.

Before we get started, I just want to make a point to say this:

If you’re making your own decision, great. Dive all in, if you want. Try all the new and unique foods, go nuts!

If you’re making the decision for others (partners or kids), it's so important to realize that you need to move gentler and recognize that it is going to be a slow, methodical transition process. And, that's okay! You don't want them to feel resistance around the foods they're eating.

A few tips:

  • Start with what you/they ALREADY do/know/like.

  • Realize it takes many exposures (and many low-pressure exposures)

  • The objective is not to “take away” what they like; it is to ADD new things, develop new tastes, and increase nutritional value


3 friendly meals you can turn Plant Based for you and your family

1. Spaghetti & sauce: When people tell me they hate eating plant-based foods, my first question is usually "So, you don't like spaghetti?" Because this is such a common dish that most people don't even realize they can turn into a delicious, plant-based meal!

  • Pick your favorite pasta, and a sauce that you already know you love.

  • Consider swapping out the meat for a protein dense veggie

  • If you're not ready to start swapping out, start with ADDING - an extra vegetable, beans, etc. Get your taste buds to start getting used to these flavors before removing the meat.

  • Even EXTRA if you blend another veg (carrots, peppers, spinach) INTO the sauce

  • Fresh herbs

  • Looking to amp up nutrition? choose whole grain pasta, OR mix half whole-grain, half white pasta, to start getting those taste buds used to something new!

2. Burrito Bowls: Toss the same ingredients into a wrap, if you want! This is soo good you may not even notice it's vegetarian.

  • Rice - try to include wild or brown rice, again mix with white rice if you're not ready for the full swap.

  • Black and/or refried beans

  • Salsa

  • Shredded lettuce

  • Any other veg (roasted potatoes, onion, peppers)

  • Avocado or guacamole

  • Cashew cream sour cream

3. BBQ Chickpeas: Such a great dish you can add to your meal as a side, or make it a main by stuffing them between some bread & making a sandwich!

  1. Slow cooker OR pot

  2. Use this recipe, OR use your fams fav BBQ sauce

  3. Serve with items you already love - your favorite rolls or baked potatoes?

  4. With potato salad, coleslaw, garden salad, etc - you know what you like!

That's it, friends! My key takeaways to making a transition to plant-based eating, stress-free:

  • Use as many of your favorite foods, that you already love, as possible

  • If you're not ready to swap, start by ADDING

  • Be patient, be open minded. Sometimes it takes trying something a few times before your taste buds get adjusted to it. Before you know, you're actually craving those nutritious foods you thought you'd never like.


Additional recipes to check out:

I would love to know your thoughts on this! Do any of these ideas sound like something you'll try? Or, do you have any family favorite swaps that you can share?

I'd love for you to send them to me:


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