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National Do Something Nice Day (or Random Acts of Kindness for ANY Day!)

If there was ever a day in our world that we should be making a bigger fanfare about, I'd say it's this one! Sure, we can do nice things any day we choose, but wouldn't it be kinda cool if there was suddenly a mass movement of random acts of kindness on October 5th every year??

It could catapult us into a massive WAVE of niceness that would flood over all of us, creating more niceness, and it would wash away all of the criticism, negativity, hatred... Ahh that's a fun image...

What do you say - want to join me in making the wave?? I've been brainstorming a bunch of super small, simple ways to do something nice for someone else. (I forced myself not to google any, either, and this was a good personal exercise, thinking outside the box about nice gestures!) What is it I always say - it doesn't have to be complicated to be effective? I think that applies here, too. ;)

30 Nice Things You Can Do Today

  1. Call/text a friend you haven't talked to.

  2. Stop to chat with an elderly neighbor.

  3. Hold the door open.

  4. Tip your barista/server generously.

  5. Drop a note/card in the mail.

  6. Take some food items to your local pantry.

  7. Clean out a closet & donate/hand down clothes.

  8. Make a social media post about someone you admire.

  9. Leave a kind review for a local business.

  10. Bring a neighbor's garbage cans in.

  11. Cook for your family.

  12. Bake for your coworkers.

  13. Do some extra cleaning.

  14. Ask about someone's day.

  15. Share a song that reminds you of someone.

  16. Pick up trash/litter.

  17. Compliment a stranger.

  18. Thank an employee.

  19. Let someone else go first (talk, eat, shower).

  20. Let someone else pick the TV show.

  21. Be a patient listener.

  22. Offer to help.

  23. Sign up to volunteer at a local kitchen/shelter/organization.

  24. Donate to a cause you believe in.

  25. Pray for someone.

  26. Tell a loved one your favorite memory of them.

  27. Commit to speaking with kindness.

  28. Leave a pumpkin on someone's doorstep.

  29. By flowers for someone who could use some cheer.

  30. Leave kind, supportive comments on your friends' social media posts.


What would you add to the list?

Anything you're going to try today?

Leave comments with your ideas, or tag me on Instagram so I can see & share with our community!

In this big world full of possibilities, where you can choose to be anything you want to be, I hope you choose kind.


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