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Here we go, Summer!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Summer is undoubtedly my FAVORITE season.. Especially here in Western NY, summer is the time our community really comes to life! There's so much more to do, and I'm super excited to share with you guys some of my favorite things about summer.

I hope these ideas inspired you to get out & about this summer, to be a little more active, pay a little more attention to your health, or just gave you some ideas of how to have fun in WNY!

Here's Episode 51 of Be Well With Steph, The Podcast: Here we go, Summer! Don't forget, you can listen to this episode & get even more on each topic :)



My Favorite Summer Activities (how can I pick just a few?!)

  1. Walking and hiking: through a park, around town, wherever! Just soaking up nature, unplugging, and being outside is my #1 favorite.

  2. Beach: obviously, not a lot of great beaches around here - but when I do get the chance, I could seriously lay on the sand, by the water, listening to music, reading a book - ALL day.

  3. The Lake: I'm so lucky that my family has a little vacation spot, that's kind of a mix between camping & a lake-house. My home away from home.

  4. Outdoor music: LOVE outdoor music, Buffalo has the best local bands playing at restaurants, parks, all over the place. Lots of street festivals all summer long.

  5. Any good patio: So so many great patio bars & restaurants all over Buffalo.

  6. Farmers markets: I love just checking out what different markets have, being around people and trying new things. Stay tuned for the summer farmer's market tour! I'll be hopping around different farmer's markets & checking out what great goodies they have to share with you guys.

Parks - A few of my favorites!

  1. Alden Park: Closer to me and probably the one I visit the most.

  2. Akron Falls Park: beautiful water fall, pond, walking paths, grassy areas for a picnic. Less crowded, not super far.

  3. Letchworth State Park: A little farther, and more of an all-day-adventure, but this is absolutely a sight to behold.

  4. Darien State Park: A great place to walk or hike, there's also a small beach area, and areas to have a nice cook-out.

  5. Como Lake Park: This park is surprisingly large for being in the middle of Lancaster! Great for walking, running, biking, with really nice facilities. And, (obviously) a nice lake.

Meals to take camping (make sure to check out my links at the bottom for actual recipes)

  1. Potato & veg packs: Lightly steam & season potatoes or veggies first, double wrap in foil, and cook right in the grill or right in the fire even!

  2. Cowboy caviar or other bean salads: Lots of options with this, nice cold bean salad so it feels fresh, stays good, and is super hearty.

  3. Pasta salad: Love that pasta salad, like bean salad, can work as a side or as a full meal depending on what else you have & how hungry you are!

  4. Veggie/bean burgers: Usually have something of this sort on hand, since "throwing burgers on" is kind of part of the camping experience, and of course this is a great plant-based substitute.

  5. Coleslaw: If I can store it, I LOVE bringing coleslaw. It's so fresh & delicious, it's water based so it's hydrating, and complements your bean burgers or pasta salad really well!

Ice cream (yes, even dairy free!)

Usually made with Soy milk, Oat milk, or some kind of plant-based milk now, but the flavors I love are exactly the same as when I used to eat dairy. My favorite flavors:

  1. Mint chocolate chip: Need I say more?

  2. Birthday cake: Either love it or hate it, but it's one of my favorites

  3. Red velvet: Is red a flavor? Do I care?

  4. Cookie dough: OR cannoli, or anything with pieces of goodness in it :)

Summer Beverages (I’m a beverage girl, ever heard of the multiple beverages club?!)

  1. Water w/ lemon or fruit: Always drinking water, I drink about a gallon at a time. Make a big mason jar with some lemons, throw a straw in there, and you're good!

  2. Iced coffee or cold brew: So. Refreshing.

  3. Kombucha: I really do feel the health benefits when I'm drinking Kombucha regularly. It's also a great alternative to other bubbly beverages you might want to be drinking ;)

  4. Crisp white wine: On occasion, when I'm going out on a hot night, and indulging a bit - my favorites are Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio

  5. Margarita: My other favorite adult beverage. Love the sweet, sometimes spicy, salty combo!


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Thanks so much for listening, friends! I am so proud of you for taking an interest in your personal wellness & wellbeing. Are you looking to create an even healthier lifestyle? Let's chat!

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(I elaborate a lot more on some of these important, ideas, too.)

What did you think about this episode? Did you learn anything new, if you're in the WNY area? Let me know in the comments! ♡


You are worthy of living and capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you love. 🤍

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