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Interview episode - Meet yoga instructor Alisa & my assistant!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

You may have heard about my assistant, Alisa, who's been helping me soo much running things behind the scenes at Be Well With Steph, and also a little of Wellness in The Village, too! This episode is a short & sweet conversation with her about her background, how she went from living an unhealthy lifestyle to a Wellness Lifestyle, and some of her tips on living your own.

Alisa & I knew we were the perfect fit for each other when she applied for this position, and told me about her background in wellness living. Curious? You'll have to check out the podcast episode to find out why...

Show notes:

Meditate with her!: 8 minutes of peace

Take a yoga class: Wednesday's at 6pm Central Rock Buffalo


5 SUPER Simple, super easy to implement Daily Wellness Habits that YOU can start doing, right now *FREE DOWNLOAD*


Positive Psychology: Martin Seligman

White Sands Desert: White Sands National Park


Looking for ways to find more wellness in your life?

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You are worthy of living and capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you love. 🤍

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