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Reasons You Might Be Overeating (& what you can do about it!)

Did you know I host a live "coffee chat" on Instagram every week?? I love to answer your questions, hear about your week/current goals, chat more about the week's podcast topic... you should join us sometime! Make sure you're following along.

In a recent chat, I talked through some of the big struggles when it comes to overeating and offered tips on how to prevent it. We want to keep ourselves feeling good and nourished, right?

It seemed that some helpful conversations came out of this chat, so I wanted to share the main points with you here, and invite you to listen.


*Eating habits and struggles are unique to each individual. These are just general thoughts! Working with a Nutrition Coach can offer personalized support and strategies that work for YOU. If you'd like to chat about nutrition coaching, you can book a free Discover Call any time by visiting


You can listen to the chat here, or read the big ideas below!

Reasons You Might Be Overeating:

  1. You waited too long to eat. If you've skipped a meal, or pushed it back a few hours, or opted for a snack earlier when you could have used a full meal... welp, now you're starving. Preparing for eating is a HUGE part of this solution - having simple, grabbable, but nourishing options on hand for when the schedule gets busy helps you maintain regular eating patterns. Then, when the next meal comes around, your hungry will be more reasonable and you can eat more mindfully.

  2. You are tired. The afternoon slump comes... You're driving home from work... You're relaxing on the couch... If we accept that food is fuel, then it makes sense that our bodies are looking for MORE food when we're tired. When we're ready to get seconds or thirds of a meal, or eat every snack in the cupboard, it might be a good time to assess: Am I tired? Should I go to bed? Take a nap? Take a walk? Drink some water? If you are hungry or think you might need nourishment, then by all means, EAT, but do allow yourself the courtesy of checking in first.

  3. You're having an emotional response. I have two questions: 1) When you're bored, or stressed, or sad, or anxious - do you gravitate to food? and 2) During these times, do you mindlessly eat in front of the TV or while lost in your thoughts, unaware of what you're consuming? It's important to have a "toolkit" for times like these that can offer you comfort or solutions that are appropriate to the emotion or problem.

  4. Your favorite food shows up. Do you feel like you lose all control around an open bag of chips, a Chinese buffet, or a fresh box of Girl Scout Cookies? TOTALLY normal to feel, and there are some mindset shifts that I feel are so important here... Give a listen starting around minute 12 for this one.

  5. You're missing something. If you're having continued cravings, maybe you're short on calories. Maybe you're missing nutrients. Maybe your meals aren't satisfying. Maybe you're dehydrated. This is one kind of thing I problem-solve with clients ALL the time - creating balanced meals easily that taste delicious, fill them up, and provide lasting nourishment.


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If you think these reasons/strategies were helpful to understanding overeating & want to talk more, let's have a chat! I offer free Discover Calls to see if we might be a good fit to work together. Book a time here! :)


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