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Plant-Based Family Interviews, Part 2 - Meet My Sister, Sara!

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Welcome back for Part 2 of my Plant-based Family Interview Series! We had the pleasure of chatting with my mom last week, & this week we are hangin' out with my sister Sara for her 2nd feature on Be Well With Steph & to celebrate my amazing sister's birthday WEEK :)

If you listened last week you know that we're hitting 5 YEARS, this month, of being a plant-based, vegan family! So, my hope is that you enjoy getting some different perspectives on plant-based lifestyles aside from my own.

This is Part 2, Episode 54 of Be Well With Steph the Podcast, featuring birthday-girl Sara!


You met my mom, now time to hear from my sis!


Plant-Based Family Interviews, #2 - Sara!

Steph: When I first came to you (after accidentally watching "What the Health") and said, "So I watched this crazy documentary and I think I'm going to try to stop eating animal products", do you remember what you thought?

Sara: It didn't seem too crazy to me because as you said in the last episode Mom had been a vegetarian for 20 years already & I actually had a few times in my life already where I was completely dairy-free. So when you said you saw the documentary the first thing was: there are some things you can't un-see. The other thing for me was having health issues like digestion & neck/shoulder pain (that was so bad I had almost given up playing music), so I thought, you know what, I'll try it!

There was no part of me that thought it would stick, but I also didn't think it was going to be hard.

Giving up music because of the pain I was having seemed like a lot harder of a choice to make than giving up eating meat.

Steph: If you had to give the way you eat a label or description, what would it be?

Sara: My intention is "whole-foods & plant-based", which I think at least 50%-75% of the time I do a good job of that. 99% of the time I would say "vegan" except for honey, which I do eat. But, my intention is to eat as much whole-foods & plant-based as I can, but I have an odd schedule & appetite "things", & I just do the best I can!

Steph: At the beginning of adopting a plant-based diet, did anything feel hard?

Sara: It was an adjustment, really only due to having to read labels more carefully, & having to ask people what was in their food..... which was really a 2-second inconvenience so no, it really wasn't that hard.

And to me, committing to being fully plant-based (and I'm always running around & terrible at planning ahead), is sometimes more challenging - just because of who I am that makes it hard to fully commit to that. But being vegan? That part is not hard.

Steph: Were there any surprising benefits from eating a plant-based diet?

Sara: My digestion is forever changed. I have chronic digestion issues that are never going to completely go away. But just from paying attention to what I'm eating & of course removing animal products from my diet has totally changed my digestion.

I mentioned I was having trouble with my neck & shoulder pain; I had been to 13 physical therapy appointments & tried an array of medications - anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, etc.. and none of it worked. I could not use my left hand at all, I couldn't move my left arm above my head, it was serious.

It took literally 2 weeks. I woke up 2 weeks later after going "cold-turkey" off animal products and I was able to lift my hand above my head. And it's been fine ever since.

So, when I started the transition going to plant-based eating I really didn't think it would last very long. Because I thought, "who can go that long without eating pulled pork?"

But, then I didn't really miss pulled pork, because there's pulled jackfruit... and... I could raise my arm above my head. So.. I'll never go back.

Steph: What tips or advice could you offer people who are interested in being vegan/plant-based?

Sara: First would be: tofu is your best friend. Buy a tofu press & learn 6 different ways to season tofu. Keep snacks in your car. Don't worry about being perfect: commit to it, yes, sure, but if you're literally starving & all you have is your friend's pizza, just pull the cheese off & eat it. Don't let yourself be hungry or deprive yourself.

Steph: Is there anything else you've learned in the past 5 years that you'd like to share?

Sara: People can be really mean about you being vegan. And that's a THEM-problem. I know people who've been vegan or vegetarian that went back because of the comments people were making, or people not being accommodating.

Also, mind your own business & don't be the kind of vegan that's trying to change the way everyone else is eating. Lead by example & don't shove it in people's faces.

Steph: Do you think you'll ever go back to eating meat again?

Sara: No. Why would I?

Steph: What are 3 of your current favorite foods?

Sara: Can tofu be all 3 of them? But seriously, tofu, pasta, and pretty much tofu & pasta. For the record, I do eat fruits & vegetables. I'm known for loading up my pasta with tons of vegetables and GARLIC!


Thanks for celebrating Sara's birthday week by listening to this episode on her journey to plant-based eating. I hope this inspired you and made you feel safe to step outside your comfort zone & try something new.

Sara isn't just a hilarious vegan but also an amazing singer/songwriter & our podcast editor. Give her the best birthday gift ever, and follow her on social!

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