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Self-Love is Wellness, & My New Coaching Package!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Yesterday, February 13th, National Self-Love Day, was the final day of our 7 Days of Self Love Challenge! Whew, what a lovely week it was, watching so many of you trying these challenges and boosting your love for yourself. It was so beautiful, and brought me so much joy.

This week's episode of Be Well with Steph, The Podcast is a recap & rundown of the challenge, so you have everything in one place and can refer back as a refresher… and I totally encourage you to do that. :)

This topic is so important because in life, the two biggest motivators are fear and love. And in each choice we make, we have the choice to operate from a place of fear, or a place of love. And, when we operate from a place of fear, things tend to be a lot more difficult.

So, let’s decide together to approach our wellness from a place of love and not fear, ok?

7 days & 7 ways to grow your self love.

1. Affirmations - Paying attention to the way that you talk to yourself. Start your day with powerful phrases! Words have so much power, they can have even more power if you write them down! Come up with some statements like…

“I am capable of doing hard things”
“Caring for myself comes easy to me, and is my priority”
"I face new situations with love"

are a few examples, but really anything that makes you feel good can work!

2. Move Your Body - Moving your body is an act of love that you can do anytime, in lots of small ways! It does not have to mean a formal workout, a 2 mile run, or anything like that. Sometimes it could be as simple as a light stretch, or walk around the block. When you move your body, you feel better not only physically but mentally and emotionally!

3. Nourish - Feed yourself stuff that feels good! Nourishing your body is not about making choices that are restrictive, but choices that load you up with goodness! Think about adding nourishing, Whole Foods to your diet one little step at a time. Adding a vegetable at dinner, drinking more water, treat your body with love by providing the nutrients and minerals that they need to protect and strength our immune systems!

4. Celebrate Your Wins - Celebrate yourself! Tell yourself you’re a rockstar every time you complete an action that was good for you. Took a sip of water? YAY! It may seem silly at first, but each time we celebrate ourselves and our smaller wins, it is actually rewiring our brains. We’re telling our brains that all the little stuff we do throughout the week makes a difference, and this makes it easier to stay motivated and stick to it!

5. Stop Comparing - Stop comparing ourselves to people on social media, friends or family members, even former versions of ourselves or ideas in our minds of where we thought we'd be. Go back to episode 2, how to avoid the comparison trap! For your mental health, this is an absolute priority!

6. Do Something That Sparks Joy - Challenge yourself once in a while to just do something that sparks joy! We don’t play enough. This is your reminder: You are alive for so much more than to go to work and eat salads, and you gotta find that, girl. We are sometimes tired, stressed, or overwhelmed and it's not because you are doing too much, but because you aren't doing enough of what makes you happy.

7. Embrace Your Individuality - Stop and think, and reflect for real - What is it about me that makes me different that I love? Your sense of humor? Sense of style? How you listen to others? The way you bake? Dig deep, write it down, remember - you are a flipping gift to the universe. There is no one like you, and you have gifts that the world can be a better place for.

Today is THE DAY. My brand new 1:1 wellness coaching program is officially open!

This package is specially designed for millennial women who want to feel in control of their health!


- You are tired of diet rules, workout plans, and cookie-cutter routines that leave you feeling defeated.

- You want daily habits and routines that work for YOUR life long-term, not quick fixes (especially when it comes to improving the way you nourish yourself, your relationship with food, exercise habits, sleep health, morning rituals, etc).

- You are looking for energy, confidence, and self-awareness.

- The “it’s not motivation, it’s dedication” mantra isn’t cutting it! (we get it, but HOW do you become dedicated and consistent?)

- You are stressed or anxious about making "healthy changes" and could use a trusted friend to guide and support you along your journey. <3

It's no longer just about health goals; it's about creating a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about nutrition or exercise, but about being in control of your wellness. That control over your well-being brings an increase in the self-confidence you need to go after what you want in life, AND the energy and self-awareness to make those dreams happen!

So, How's it Work?!

+ You schedule your first session here! It's a 90-minute coaching intensive where we get down to business about your history, aspirations, what your life is like, and what your health & wellness goals are. We determine an action plan that you're excited about!

+ You then get a code to schedule six 1-hour sessions, at your convenience, over the next 3 months. We'll use these to work on habit-building strategies, tackle mindset blocks, design routines, set mini-goals - whatever your action plan requires!

+ Between appointments, we stay connected! Chat, ask questions, send pictures, get/send voice notes, etc. to help you work through day-to-day challenges, shift your mindset, create new routines, and tackle your goals with as much support as you need.

+ PLUS, you will get added to "Be Well Together," my membership community with videos, recipes, forums, and workshops, for 4 months. (I tack on a bonus month at the end to help with your transition out of the 1:1 relationship.)

READY TO BEGIN?! I'm ready when you are!

Not sure, or have questions? Schedule a free Discovery Call and let's talk it through. <3


Prefer to listen to this topic? You can, here!


I am so grateful for all of you, especially those who were able to participate in the 7 days of Self Love Challenge! If you liked this episode, I would be so thankful if you gave it a share, and referred your loved ones back to the 7 Days of Self Love Challenge! Have any favorite practices you use to boost your self-love? Share in the comments!

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