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Summer Fun Ideas (that still support your wellness goals!)

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

As soon as the sun is out, you can bet I'm looking for something to DO! I love how warm weather brings with it increasing opportunities to see friends and family, to go on adventures, to have social gatherings, hear live music, experience new foods...

These "summer fun" activities can also be a source of stress or anxiety, though, when you have health & wellness goals that you're working on.

Activities out of the norm have the ability to make us feel "derailed" from our efforts, especially when those activities center around eating, drinking, and sitting (not to mention spending money!)

I've put together a short list for you of ideas for things to get out and do this summer that might put you a little more at ease. They're things you can do alone, with a partner or friend, or even with your dog (she writes, knowing how much her pup ChaCha would LOVE to get out and do some of these things!)

As I've been chatting about with clients and on Instagram lately, it is completely possible to prioritize your health without sacrificing your joy. The ideas I have should *hopefully* help you do just that - have lots of fun while getting moving, staying nourished, and connecting with people you care about.

You can listen to me describe the ideas here, or check out the list below!

Summer Fun Ideas!

1. Get Moving!

Jog, bike, hike, swim, kayak, do outdoor yoga, take a class... there are a million ways to get moving this summer. It doesn't need to be fancy, though - grab a friend and chat while you go for a walk. Such a great boost to both physical and mental health.

2. Do a Park Tour.

Make a list of all the parks within a day trip from your home, and start checking them off! You might be surprised by just how many there are that you weren't aware of. Take a book or a healthy snack, bring friends or pets, watch a sunrise or sunset, combine it with some hiking... (and definitely tag me in your pictures on Instagram so I can see your adventures!)

3. Start a Book Club.

Yes this is 100% related to wellness, whether you choose fiction, personal development, or something education. Reading allows your mind to grow and encourages new ways of thinking. The social component of a book club can be so supportive to your health, too.

4. Have a *Healthy* Potluck.

This could be such a fun way for friends or family members to introduce one another to their favorite dishes, or to learn to try new things together. Social gatherings don't have to be the time to abandon ship on how you regularly eat and what regularly makes you feel good. (This is my favorite app to share!)

5. Go Berry Picking/Visit a Farm.

I'll never forget the time I went blueberry picking with my cousins... listen to the podcast to hear THAT story! But anyway, what a fun way this could be to include movement, fresh air, healthy food... and then maybe some blueberry muffin baking!?

6. Go on a "Next Town Over" Tour!

Okay, I did not make this one up, but it's my absolute favorite idea. Every town has a story - historical buildings, favorite local coffee shops, scenic spots, unique stores, artists... you may know about many of these things in the town you live in, but how much to you know about them in the next town over? You don't need to travel far to experience some new things or have an adventure!

What do you think - sound possible to prioritize your health without sacrificing your joy?!

We chatted even more about this on Instagram, if you want to watch!

Don't forget to subscribe to Be Well with Steph, The Podcast, wherever you like to listen. :) Til next time - happy, healthy summer adventures to you!


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