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Top Self Care Products of 2023

There are so many wonderful self-care products out there, and also, there are so many that could be not so great. Every year, I find more and more of MY staple products: environmentally friendly, plant-based, affordable, and ACTUALLY work.

As we close out 2023, I wanted to share my ever-growing list of my favorite self-care products that get the job done and align with my wellness values. Because taking care of yourself should never come at the expense of our environment, your health, or your pocket.

KOS Vitamins

If you've been around here for a while it's no secret that we LOVE KOS! KOS offers plant-based supplements made entirely from the best ingredients. They've got superfood powders, protein powders, capsules, gummies, and more. Not only do they have award winning product but I use it regularly & I can attest to the flavor & effects of it!

PLUS, use code BEWELLWITHSTEPH for 15% off your order!


Davines Hair Products

The Davines Group was founded in Italy in 1983 as a small research lab, which grew then to become a global company and a certified B Corp, meeting the highest sustainability standards. Still 100% family-owned, since 2006 the Group activity focused on the creation and production of professional formulations, giving priority to the use of natural ingredients and minimizing our impact on the planet. This is the BEST vegan, organic hair products I have EVER tried and I cannot recommend them enough!

Find them on amazon.


Eucalyptus Shower Spray

Guys.... I am not kidding you these are going to literally take your morning to the next level. Especially as it gets colder and more difficult to get up in the morning to shower before trudging in the snow to work... Seriously, take my word for it. It'll help wake you up, open up those sinuses, and just overall give you a great start to your day!

I use this one.


Grace & Stella Under Eye Masks

If you haven't tried these yet you are going to be blown away!! Say goodbye to puffy under-eyes and bags & give your under-eyes true nourishment with these. Can you get these a lot cheaper? Probably - but Grace & Stella is a family run company with a passion for vegan, cruelty-free, and fun beauty products.

Check them out here.


Speaking of eye masks...

Most sleep masks don't fully block out ALL of the light. My sleep is so much better since I switched to a "3D contoured" mask. Your brain needs darkness to produce melatonin so any light getting in can prevent that from happening resulting in lower quality sleep. Even small lights from chargers / electronics can affect this by the way!

I bought this one.


Collagen for Hair Skin & Nails

Not kidding when I say people are constantly messaging me about which supplements I use for hair growth. And not JUST for that, but Garden of Life is the ONLY other brand (aside from KOS) that I trust with my vitamins. While KOS has more protein based products, Garden of Life has your daily turmeric, vitamin B, probiotics, etc. But this collagen supplement worked wonders for me!!

See the supplement here.

Check out what else they have here.


Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil for everything! I started using it as a moisturizer that I actually put in DURING the shower - especially to the bottoms of my feet! Even after rinsing and towel drying my skin still feels so hydrated and I know there's no hidden chemicals or anything I don't want on my body! Here's another Garden of Life product.

Check it out here.


L. Organic Tampons

I never really thought about what I put inside my body during that time of the month until recent years.. and with so many options out there it's tough to pick the right one for you. I highly recommend these! Organic & free from chlorine bleaching, pesticides, rayon, fragrances, or dyes with a full-size BPA-free plastic applicator - sorry I haven't made the switch to the diva cup, or applicator free tampons yet. But my favorite part of all, for every L. product you purchase, one is made accessible to a person who needs it. <3 I just love that!

Get them on amazon here.


Califia Farms Oat Milk

YES this is ~$7 but that's for 48 oz! Compared to Elmhurst (the only other cleanest oatmilk you can find) which is about the same price for only 32 0z... and you're getting a delicious, safe to consume, dairy-free alternative!

More info here.


I want to keep this list growing! If you have a product that stands out to you as being super clean, affordable, and eco friendly, share it with me!

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You are worthy & capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you LOVE <3

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