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Stressed Out? Try these strategies from my Instagram community!

I was so fortunate to talk recently with Shannon South, a stress relief expert who shared strategies for reducing stress in your life, and what to do in the moment when you feel stress or overwhelm building.

You can listen to that conversation here!

After listening to this interview, my Instagram community put their heads together during our live coffee chat and came up with their own list of stress-relief strategies. I thought I'd share those in case they can help you find some peace, too.

Things we do to relieve stress:

  • go for a walk, outside if possible, otherwise around the house or up and down the stairs

  • stretch/do yoga

  • do a mindfulness exercise (like the "lightswitch technique" Shannon mentions)

  • practice deep breathing

  • use essential oils (we had recommendations for lavender, valor, and nag champa)

  • call a friend

  • take a shower or wash your face

  • listen to music or a podcast

  • say a prayer, meditate, or repeat a mantra

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

We're all here to learn & grow & improve our wellness together.

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Samantha Willard
Samantha Willard
Oct 22, 2021

I have to tell you that I have been using the lightswitch technique when I cant sleep at night. I only get to my calves everytime and I am out!!!

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