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4 Tips to Begin Improving Your Nutrition Today!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

This short & sweet blog/podcast episode is brought to you by National Nutrition Month! Let's continue our month with nutrition tips; here are 4 easy-to-implement strategies you can start doing right now to improve your nutrition!

Sometimes we over-complicate things. We tend to think that improving our nutrition has to be this massive task, following hard-core rules and guidelines. My goal for you is to help you find simplicity and make improving your nutrition attainable for your life, which in turn makes it sustainable long-term.

What do I always say?! “It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective!”

4 Intentional Nutrition Tips:

  1. The goal is not perfection, it’s sustainability. This might look different for everyone! Think about what works in your life, with your schedule and your preferences. One of my favorite ways to work toward sustainability is to ask myself at every meal, “What’s one vegetable I could add to this?” and stop stressing so much about making the perfect meal. This works for fruits, grains, greens, etc.!

  2. Think outside the box: When I first started cooking for myself a lot, I used to think that I had to pair foods with certain other foods that they “go with”. Again, over-complicating things. Realize that when you are cooking for yourself, you are in charge! You can eat whatever you want, that is nourishing your body, whenever it works for you. Chili for breakfast? Why not?! If that’s what you want, go for it!

  3. Eat better, not less. I have learned, not only in my personal wellness journey but through working with my clients, the “elimination” mindset might work for a short while, but again - it’s not sustainable. If all you are focusing on is removing the “bad” stuff, are you still getting the appropriate amount of nutrients that your body needs? When you focus on adding more healthy carbs, or fruits, or vegetables, you are nourishing your body from a place of abundance and that’s powerful and sustainable.

  4. Plants have protein! Just wanted to leave a friendly reminder that your protein doesn’t always have to come from the typical or most commonly thought of sources. Especially if you are working toward reaching your protein goals but also feeling limited, or lacking excitement about eating those same foods all the time, remember that you can look to uncommon sources of protein that can open so many exciting options for you to enjoy.

Prefer to listen to this topic? You can, here!

(I elaborate a lot more on some of these important, ideas, too.)

All in all, I want you to focus on the word NOURISH – allow the choices you make throughout the day to start with the intention to nourish you body; give it energy and nutrients from a place of abundance and self-love!

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I hope you find these nutrition tips helpful! Want to talk more about how we could begin to apply some of these mindset shifts & simple strategies to your life & goals?

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If you have any other tips to share, or thoughts on the ones above, I’d love to hear them! Drop me a comment here or on instagram and let me know!


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