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When I'm Asked, "Do You Help People Lose Weight?" This is What I Say

I've written before about how most things in life are not black and white, and there is SO much room in the gray area. I really do believe that that's where growth happens. There's a magical freedom that comes from learning to navigate that area, making choices that reflect your personal needs and preferences. Along these lines, I've been wanting to talk more about the "pro diet/weight loss" or "anti diet/weight loss" debate.

Anti diet culture is a STRONG movement right now, that comes from a place of a lot of good: helping people build good "relationships" with food, eliminating stigmas, teaching people to listen to and honor body cues instead of arbitrary and restrictive rules... all good things, right?

Many medical professionals, however, still can't shake the idea that so many chronic diseases are strongly correlated to weight. There's research that they can't ignore. Unfortunately, however, so many attempts to help patients with weight management seem to accidentally encourage disordered eating patterns.

Still another party is focused on physique and "ideal" levels of fitness & form (often where the most dangerous mindsets stem, in my opinion).

I find that I sit pretty firmly in the middle ground!! In that gray area, it's okay to both love your body and want to change it. It's okay to listen to your body, but also give your body guidelines for eating. It's okay to recognize that you could improve your health, and take steps to get there.

Think this way: When I respect and love someone, like a family member or close friend, do I let them get away with behavior that I know is harmful for them? You bet I don't. Do I let them mistreat themselves, not take care of themselves, talk poorly about themselves, etc? Of course not! I try to help them grow and support them OUT of love...

The same goes for how we treat ourSELVES. 🤍

I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin, and I want to be comfortable in mine. I want your body to be healthy and strong so you can do all the important passions and fun hobbies you want to do. I'm working on those things, too.

It's okay if you still stuck in one of the two camps above. Maybe you can try to start thinking: I'ts important to treat myself with gentleness and respect where I am, but it's also okay to love myself so much that I want to change or grow or improve. (Just remember, weight loss isn't an action you can take; it's a RESULT. What matters are the healthy habits we develop and the behaviors in place in our lives that guide our bodies to becoming whatever size they were designed to be in good health.)

It's okay if the love you give yourself sometimes is a little bit of tough love as you set boundaries for yourself and what you eat in the name of nutrition. Just make sure that, along the way, you don't sacrifice your health & happiness for the way you look or to uphold someone else's/society's ideals. 🤍

...does this make sense?? Always love to hear your thoughts!


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Great way to start my day reading this!


Unknown member
Oct 08, 2021

This makes complete sense and I LOVE your way of thinking! I’m in the grey right along with you!!

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