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What it Really Means to "Listen to Your Body"

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Happy National Nutrition Month!

This month, we have been exploring not just the topic of nutrition, but especially the idea of "Food Freedom" and how nourishing our bodies is connected to having a healthy relationship with food!

We started the conversation about Food Freedom last week in Episode 40 of "Be Well with Steph, The Podcast" where I talk a little bit about what Food Freedom means to me, letting go of some of our old "diet habits", why it might be important to do that, and some steps we can take to cultivate more food freedom in our own lives. If you missed that you can still listen to the podcast, or read the blog.

Let's talk about one of the key factors in cultivating Food Freedom: Actually listening to your body's responses to food.

I like to compare this to the idea of communication in a relationship. After all, your relationship to your body is just as important as your relationship to your significant other, family members, and friends! Having a healthy relationship, with anyone, requires good communication: understanding each others' needs, feeling heard, being able to express yourself and feeling like you are on the same page with the other person.

So how can we improve our communication with our bodies? Well, to start, truly listening to your body. When you are following a strict diet plan or program and listening to a certain set of rules about what your body needs, you really aren't listening to your body. You're just giving it things based off of the suggestions that a completely different person created, no matter how your body responds to those foods or limitations.

When we talk about learning to listen to your body, as a part of a good relationship with food or health, we're meaning: paying attention to the cues that your body is giving you, and then responding appropriately.

I do think it's great to have a plan, goals, and intentions for how you want to eat throughout the week, but it's also important to have flexibility within that plan. Be mindful of how your body feels before and after your meals or the foods you are giving it, and allow that information to help us drive your choices.

This form of communication with our bodies about the food that we are giving it and the food that it needs is crucial to having Food Freedom - to having a healthy relationship with your body and wellness.

If we're going to continue to work toward the ability to make our own nutritional choices as they suit our bodies and our lifestyles, listening to our bodies is the first step. Rather than listening to someone else's diet program, you are cultivating the power within yourself to make healthy choices on your own, according to the needs and cues your body is giving you.

It's not about the quick fix programs anymore. It's about doing the work to repair and foster a healthy relationship with your health. We all know relationships take work, effort, learning, communication, understanding, love and respect... It's equally as important that we use these habits in our relationship with food and our bodies.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on listening and communication to your body.

Does this sound easy or difficult to you - and why?

I want to hear from you. Leave a comment below, or head over to Instagram to send a DM or comment on my most recent post.

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