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Make Holiday Shopping Simpler

Maybe you're one of those people who naturally gifted when it comes to gift-giving. It comes easy to you, it's like your second language! If that's you, well, I'm jealous because sometimes, no matter how close I am to someone, I just get overwhelmed when it comes to putting my feelings into a gift bag!

I want to give gifts that people need, not just want - but also speak from the heart, without draining my wallet... Here are some starting points if you're in the same boat as me!


Here's a few ways that I try to maintain my sanity throughout the holidays...

  1. Coupons or gift certificates: Some people claim that giving gift certificates seems impersonal, but I disagree! You can make it personal. If you have a golf-lover in your life, and you know NOTHING about golf, rather than trying to pick something out from Golf-World, grab that gift certificate and let them pick! Other ideas could be to get them a gift certificate for a ROUND of golf at a local course, or a cooking class for that food lover, or a 1:1 coaching session for that wellness lover! I'm also a big fan of making your own coupons: back massages, laundry, week of dishes, clean out your car, babysitting, anything you can do for someone to help them out! Bonus points if you have a skill, like knitting, and you give them a coupon for knitting lessons!

  2. Shop second hand: When you have the time to thrift, you can find some really unique and special gifts for people. If you live in WNY I highly recommend the following stores: 2 Good 2 Be Threw: 10225 Main Street Clarence, NY 14031 Best Dressed Kids: 4885 Broadway Depew, NY 14043 Buffalo City Mission Thrift Store: 510 Dick Road Depew, NY 14043 Second Chic – Elmwood: 810 Elmwood Ave Buffalo, NY 14222

  3. Cook for them: Ask them what their favorite food is, and take your shot at making it! Make it a whole night, and both bring a dish to share. Life hack: Make sure you save enough for leftovers, and bring that for lunch the next day!

  4. Give your favorite self-care item: I think it's so special when someone shares their favorites with me! Some of these could include your favorite face wash, body wash, shampoo.. If you don't have any favorites or can't get them, maybe try gifting an eco-friendly house product basket! Grab some kitchen spray, laundry soap, some bamboo toilet paper and you're good to go.

  5. Swap items you no longer use: I just LOVE a good clothes swap. The saying is soo true, that one man's trash is another man's treasure! Whether you don't fit into it anymore, you've just gotten your use out of it, or it's not your style, you know you have a couple clothing items you need to get rid of... Especially if it works better for your friend, that's even better. They'll think of you each time they wear or use it! Doesn't have to be clothes, could be anything. A favorite mug, a book, get creative.


Gift giving doesn't have to be stressful! Let this year, be the year you choose ethical, sustainable, and loving gifts for your friends and family. They just may learn a thing or two from you!

We have lots of these sustainable gifts at Wellness in the Village. Stop by and say hello!

13219 Broadway

Alden, NY 14004


Got other things on your mind you wanna talk out? Schedule a free discovery call to see if working with me is for you! More info & book here.


You are worthy of living and capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you love. 🤍


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