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Benefits of Walking - and making it easy!

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

When I was a kid, we used to have DEAR time ( Drop Everything And Read). I’m really trying to figure out how to pronounce DEAW, because that’s what I want to tell you to do – Drop Everything And Walk! 😂

Sure, we know that walking is a good form of exercise, but do you know WHY?!

For starters, walking can:

  • Strengthen your heart and lower your blood pressure, reducing risks of cardiovascular disease

  • Strengthen your muscular and skeletal systems

  • Improve your circulation and digestion

  • Boost your mental health by releasing endorphins that fight stress

  • Help you maintain a healthy weight

Whoa! That’s enough to make me want to sneak an extra few minutes in a day…


Here’s how!

I like to take a short walk in the morning, before I dive into anything too strenuous. (My pup appreciates this, too!) A short lunch time or afternoon walk can help boost your mood and energy, pushing you through the rest of the day. An evening walk can help you unwind before bed, and makes for great quality time with the family.

Having trouble getting away from your to-do list long enough to enjoy such a walk?

Try finding a task you can do while walking:

  • Brainstorm for an upcoming project

  • Make your grocery list

  • Draft an email

  • Take a phone call

  • Eat a snack or drink a smoothie

I challenge you to take an extra walk this weekend and see how it makes you feel!

Maybe, just maybe, it’ll become a habit you want to keep.


Listen as I chat about walking on the podcast:

Show me how you fit those extra steps in!

Take a picture & tag me on Instagram @bewellwithsteph_ so we can cheer you on!


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