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Control your week, control your wellness!

Ever notice how when you start your day in a chaotic rush, the rest of your day kinda goes to crap? Well, the same applies to your whole week. I like to start my week intentionally, and get systems in place for the week ahead - to give myself the best possible chances of accomplishing my goals.

I try as hard as possible to make sure I'm always home on Sunday night with a chunk of time to get myself ready for the week ahead. If I have a commitment or fun plans that happen to be during that time, I make sure to get these things done before my plans, or the day before! If that doesn't work for you, maybe pick a better day and just start your week then - who cares what the calendar says?!


Four ways to start your week in-control:

  1. Clean: Set a timer for whatever available time you have, to get some tidying done. Even if it's only 15 minutes, that's enough time to wipe down some surfaces, switch out some towels, fold the blankets on the couch, and a quick vacuum. Start your week with a clean space, for a clear head! Save $$ and limit your use of chemicals using this homemade cleaning spray - safe for granite & stone countertops!

    • 1/4 c isopropyl alcohol

    • 5 drops castile soap (I like citrus)

    • 5-10 drops scotch pine essential oil

    • Fill the rest of the sprayer up with water

  2. Assess the pantry: Knowledge is power, especially in the kitchen! Knowing what you have is so important so you can start planning ahead for your meals. If you need to go shopping, you'll already know what you have so avoid buying anything you don't need. Bonus points for having time to prep a few things. I usually like to prep a few cups of quinoa or rice, and save in a container in the fridge. There's one half of a recipe already done for you! You can always chop a few veggies that you know you use often, too.

  3. Schedule: Identify your priorities for the week, and get them on that calendar, girl! Accept what you have time for, and what you need to let go of for this week. Set your intention for how you want to show up for the world, and yourself, this week. No matter what it looks like, it's so important to take the time to write down your schedule, and see it visually to prepare for your week.

  4. Rest: Do something fun that recharges you. Whether it's a bubble bath with some candles, a solo dance party in your living room, or a family dinner to connect with your loved ones. You do YOU so you can give to others, the rest of the week! Pssst: Check out my tips for self-care during the holidays in this blog post.


If you are feeling lost in your health & wellness journey, but you're unsure if a coach is right for you... let's hop on a call.

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You are worthy of living and capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you love. 🤍


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