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Holiday Stress busting tips

Well well well, here we are, November of 2022! Just like that, Halloween is over and it's time to start preparing for the holidays....

YAY... right?!

Or maybe... AHHH!

If the holidays bring some extra stress & anxiety to your life, let me just say, you are not alone. It's literally November 1st and I'm already thinking of habits I plan to give a little more effort to over the next few months, so I can stay sane!


Here's a few ways that I try to maintain my sanity throughout the holidays...

  1. Cultivate stress-relieving habits BEFORE the holidays I can't stress this enough! (he he). Having a solid self-care practice throughout the entire year is going to be your best & most effective technique to stay stress-free. That way, when those times come up, you already have the tools & you know exactly what to do!

  2. Know your triggers & plan ahead Become aware of the situations that typically bring you the most stress. Then you can plan ahead, set boundaries, and come up with ways to make those situations a little less stressful. for example: if you know that going to 5 thanksgiving parties in the same day stresses you out, talk to your family and see how you can limit this. Maybe stop and visit one of the families the week before or after, so that you don't have so much running around to do that day.

  3. Meditation, mantras, prayer There is truly something to be said about the power of mantras. Pick your mantra, and start using it early. Days before the big event. Maybe try, "I am calm, centered, and strong". Get used to repeating this in your head so when you start feeling your heart racing or blood pumping, close your eyes & repeat your mantra.

  4. Carve out time for you If you know that your holiday season is a lot of running around, doing things for others - family commitments, work parties, children's school plays etc.. You will be SO MUCH MORE apt to handle all the things if you're giving yourself time to decompress. Please, add a block to your calendar each week (2-3 if possible!) that is dedicated just for you - it doesn't have to be long, even as little as 15 minutes. Even if it's just to take a shower, or play a few of your favorite songs. Having it on the calendar gives you that extra accountability and something to look forward to!

  5. Smile / laugh This is a secret little trick of mine. When I feel myself getting stressed and my thoughts are racing and I really am struggling to get ahold of myself - I just SMILE & LAUGH. And yes - it may be totally fake and phony at first but I promise you it slowly turns into a real and genuine laugh and maybe you're just laughing at yourself but WHO CARES because it feels good and instantly changes your mood. I dare you to try this right now and let me know if it works!


I hope you'll try some of these tips this year. If you have any other go-to stress busters, leave them in the comments!!


Think some of these ideas were interesting, but still need to talk it out? Schedule a free discovery call to see if working with Steph is for you! Read more & book now.


You are worthy of living and capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you love. 🤍


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