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Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Veggies

Super simple, protein packed dinner! Make extra veggies while you're cooking this recipe, and you can save those in the fridge to make other meals with - like, over rice for a rice bowl!




  • Whole wheat thin spaghetti (or whatever whole wheat pasta you prefer!)

  • Tempeh

  • Veggies - I used Bell Pepper & frozen broccoli, but you can use whatever you have. Maybe mushrooms and zucchini?!

  • Liquid aminos (great soy sauce substitute)

  • Rice vinegar

  • Garlic powder


  • Cook spaghetti in boiling water

  • Sautee veggies in frying pan with olive oil (or sesame oil would be great!)

  • Season with coconut aminos, rice vinegar, and garlic powder. Just add a splash of each, and adjust to your liking.

  • Drain your spaghetti, and mix everything in that same pot

  • Enjoy!


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