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Getting more fiber in your life (with recipes!)

Notice I didn't say "vegan" or 100% plant-based. Because truly, we can all use a little more fiber in our lives (probably!). Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that is undigestible by the body. You might be thinking first of all, Carbs?! No way! Well, Yes way.. Carbs give us energy. But, if the body can't digest it, why eat it?

Different types of fibers help the body with different processes. Soluble fibers regulate sugar levels, managing your hunger and blood sugars, as well as help lower blood cholesterol. Insoluble fibers help food move through your digestive system (goodbye constipation!).

So, whether you eat mostly plants, or not, it's pretty easy to see why we all need to incorporate all kinds of fiber into our lives!



In order to start making meals that help you feel full & satisfied, we have to understand why we're not feeling that way currently. The two biggest problems are:

1. Lentils: So many ways to enjoy but here's a 1-Pot Everyday Lentil Soup (Minimalist Baker)

10 ingredients, 1 pot, 30 minutes!

2. Black Beans: Check out this Zesty Avocado Black Bean Dip (Eating Well)

I'd just love to see this topped on some sourdough bread for breakfast :)

3. Pistachios: I had no idea what to make that was pistachio heavy. But this Pesto looks AMAZING! (Justine Doiron)

4. Corn: I always thought the best way to cook corn was on the grill, but this Maple Miso Vegan Butter Corn recipe might take the cake (Veggiekins)

5. Artichokes: This pasta has my mouth watering already! Swap out white spaghetti for a bean-based spaghetti for even more fiber AND protein. (Lazy Cat Kitchen)


I hope you were inspired by some of these recipes! Will you give any of them a try? I'd love to hear how they went for you (pictures welcome!!) Get in touch with me any way that works for you:


Instagram: @bewellwithsteph_


Feeling the struggle when it comes to grocery shopping or meal prepping for these recipes? I love to help my clients with these areas.

As always... Discovery Calls are FREE :) Make an appointment & let's see if I could support you, too!


You are worthy of living and capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you love. 🤍


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