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It's time to Eat Well: The Nutrition Program we've been waiting for!

I am BURSTING with excitement as I share with you today, with a big ol’ drum roll…

EAT WELL WITH STEPH! 90 Days to Nourishment & Control of Your Nutrition {from a Place of Self-Love}

Eat Well is part small group nutrition coaching and part self-paced online course, supported by an exclusive online community, and I have GOT to share with you how the Eat Well system works!

Don't have time to read about it? Listen to the podcast!

Here's Episode 79 of the Podcast, Be Well With Steph:


How we will learn to Eat Well:

1. Tackle Diet Culture: We're getting rid of this mindset. We're going to shift our thinking from that of restriction, to abundance. There's no calorie counting or macro-tracking or measured containers dictating your food choices! Because we know that improving your nutrition isn't about consuming less. It's about consuming MORE of what NOURISHES you. Taking care of your health shouldn't bring you more stress or to-do list items. Instead, you'll learn to care for yourself from a place of self-love. You'll learn to support your energy levels, understand & listen to your own hunger & fullness cues, and build your confidence around food.

2. Balanced, whole-foods: Next we're learning ways to build balanced, whole-food meals that are both simple and satisfying. You won't need to follow a complicated meal plan! And, once you get going, you might not even follow any recipes. By learning about the different nutrients in foods and how they work together, putting together meals can be come fast. You won't feel like you're taking on another part time job here - actually you'll be freeing up time and energy around eating that you can put toward the things that really light you up. Like...

  • your career

  • family

  • hobbies that bring you joy

  • other areas of your health

  • time with your friends

  • the list goes on!

And yes, it will still taste good, too.

3. Setting Goals: Lastly, we will look at how to set goals that are realistic and attainable for YOU and your lifestyle. You know those lofty goals you’ve set and elaborate plans you’ve made in the past, that felt so big they either took over your life or you had to give them up part way through? That’s not going to happen anymore. The goals you’ll set now will be aligned with your new understanding of healthy eating, aka:

  • eating for nourishment

  • balancing whole foods

  • self-love

You can still want big things; you will just work on them in manageable pieces that don’t stress you out and can be accomplished step-by-step. You’ll walk away empowered to both set goals you can achieve and create systems/routines that make healthy eating second-nature in your life. You’ll be celebrating your success with your new energy & confidence before you know it!

Now... if any of that sounded interesting to you, you need to head over to - there, you can find all the details including: our 5 Program Goals, all that's included, and the value of this transformational program!


Pssst. Did you know you can listen to this episode (and get even more details that I share!) for allll the details, to save your spot, or to schedule a free Discovery Call to learn more!


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You are worthy of living and capable of creating a healthy lifestyle you love. 🤍


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